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Further Out Of My Mind


List of poems in this book...

A Slip In The Shower
AFL 2007 Season
An Open Poem To Anthony Mundine
Aussie Blokes’ Tucker
Austria or Australia
Back To Merimbula
Bloody Dragons
Bougainville Hash
Bougainville Island
Bye Bye Belle
Byron Bay Emergency
Byron Bay Lighthouse Walk
Campbell Liquor Store
Campbell Shops
Carol and Ed
Christmas 2006
Craniosacral Balancing
Crisis In St Kilda
Dancing With The Stars
Farewell Dad
First NRL Finals
From The Cat’s Mouth
Grammar Junior Speech Night
Happy 85th Bill
Happy Father’s Day
Health Update Nov06
Health Update 140507
I Wish
Irene’s What?
Jigsaw Puzzles
Job Search
Joy and Sadness
Just For Fun
Legends Of Rock & Roll
Liearma and Jim
Manly Supporters
Maria’s Sixty
Marriage Advice
Meditating With Michael
Melbourne Cup 2006
Melbourne Cup Results
Me And Bobby McD
Merry Christmas Roman & Kathy
Moving House
My Aunty Val
My Mate Len
My Mother
Nicolle W
Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour
Oops Wrong Medicine
Origin Decider
Our New Old Blue Old Dad
Ozanam At Orange
PD And Me
Point Hicks
Political Correctness
Porn In The Morn
Random PD Thoughts
Rock ‘N’ Roll At Kalaru
Rousell’s Birthday
Sarah And The Swans
Sitting With Ron
Some Parkinson’s Moment
Sorry Guys
St George Illawarra Dragons
Surprise Party
Tathra Gallery Coffee Shop
The Beauty And The Breasts
The Boardwalk Boys
The Bus To Merimbula
The Courting Of Irene
The Grandkids
The NRL Footy Show
The Producer
The Three Builders
The Wharf Restaurant
The Wright Wedding
There’s A Pothole On The Boardwalk
There’s A Soul In The Bucket
Thursday At The Bowlo
To Whom It May Concern
Westmead Visit
Wharf Restaurant’s 5th Birthday
Where Is The Rain?
Who Is Getting Married?
Who Was There?
Wyndham Irish Auction
Wyndham Walkers
3 Corners