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Amazingly, Shakydennis had no interest in poetry until nearly five years after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and since starting to write in January 2005, he has written more than 300 poems. The poetry is usually written in rhyming couplets with the occasional poem written in a different rhyming pattern. His poetry is usually humourous but he has also written a number of serious ones including one of his favourites, "Euthanasia". Poems cover a wide variety of topics with a number of his poems being published in a couple of different newspapers.

Shakydennis also writes poems for friends who supply him with enough information to allow his mind to get into the character of the poem they want. These requested poems are usually for birthdays but he has also written them to be read at funeral services for the deceased.

He believes that while Parkinson’s Disease has taken control of part of his mind it has also released other parts of his mind which were previouly not available to his conscioud mind. 

Shakydennis has self-published two poetry books. The first was "Out Of My Mind" and the second "Further Out Of My Mind". The titles of all poems in each book can be found on the menu.

Other Australian states please include $18.00.           *****OUT OF PRINT

Sample poem follows (was added on 24 July 2013)   *****OUT OF PRINT






Been attacked a number of times by the

same magpie plus seen a few more of

the warning signs.   (07.10.2013)


Yes it is that season once again

The bloody Maggies are a pain

Yesterday they wanted to be fed

Today they want to take off my head


It happens this time every year

We walk the streets feeling fear

And if we see a warning sign

It sends shivers down our spine


The magpies attack us every spring

Yes this is definitely a regular thing

Official signs are tell us to beware

These bloody birds are everywhere


The signs warn us as we walk on by

That a Maggie may attack from in the sky

It will be aggressive when it strikes

And saves the worst for those on bikes


The signs actually say “Swooping Birds”

However I would use much harsher words                           

They are very cowardly when they attack

Sneaking up behind your back


I guess they do this for a very good reason

Protecting their young through the nesting season

So no matter how much we like to complain

It’s nature’s way and will happen again


Today I walked slow and deliberately

Right under a maggie’s nesting tree

It just watched as I walked past

The season’s over at bloody last




Oh my sweet darling

I really love you so

And I am more than happy

To let the whole world know


I dream we’ll stay together

The remainder of my life

I would like to marry you

But already have a wife


Before we met years ago

I wasn’t very well

Life was charging downhill fast

Turning into a living hell


Mobility had become a problem

I could not walk around

My feet ignored signals from my brain

And refused to leave the ground


My mind was working very slow

And probably not that often

My mood was dark and somber

As I searched for the cheapest coffin


I couldn’t button up my shirt

And couldn’t knot my tie

My belt I couldn’t buckle

The frustration made me cry


Lacing my shoes was not much fun

The same for pulling up my sox

And it took me bloody ages

Getting my jewels into my jocks


Hygiene is vital for good health

The daily tasks are many

Clean your teeth wash your face

I struggled to do any


After we met and the magic came

Almost instantly I knew

That you had given me back my life

Yes, DUODOPA I love you